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Tell me what you guys think of the New Dragon Clan Theme! http://tlos.forumotion.net/t70-spyro-s-forum-dragon-clan

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All about Spyro Dragon

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Dc Cynder ( Dragon clan)
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Has All Obtainable Achievements
Member Since 2005
Member Since 2009
Bought The CF Special Cynder
Member Since 2006
Member Since 2007
Member Since 2008
Bought Ender Spyro
Bought The Sc2 Special Cynder
Has Bought Dark Spyro
MineCraft Activity Bone Parkour
MineCraft Activity Death Trivia
MineCraft Activity Penguin Adventure Mazes
Has Bought Earth Spyro
Has Bought Electric Spyro
Has Bought Ice Spyro
Has Bought Fire Spyro
Has Bought Regular Spyro
Has Bought Navi Cynder
Has Bought invalid name
Has Bought Earth Cynder
Has Bought Electric Cynder
Has Bought Ice Cynder
Has Bought Fire Cynder
Has Bought Regular Cynder
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Terradors Honor
Volteers Honor
Cyrils Honor
Ignitus Honor
Cynders Honor
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Member Since 2015
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Bought Lime Spyro
Threw 10+ Grublins Away
Threw a Grublin to the trash
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Member Since The Re-Creation
Bought a Signiture
Member since 2014
Using ▀█▀ Dragon Tag
Year of the Lava Theme
Bought Custom Post BackGround
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Has 6 Hot Topics
Member since 2011
Member Since 2010
Bought Ender Cynder
Found a Golem Lurking the Forum
Picked up members to gaming communtiy
Participated in 6 Activitys
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Found Malefor Lurking The Forum
1,000 of all Crystals
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Dragon Leader
Donated 11$
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Achievements :
Donated 2$
Donated 1$
Gained 100 Elite Crystals
Achievements :
Gained 1,000 Fire Crystals
 Earned or bought Dp
Achievements :
Gained 100 Fury Crystals
Gained 1,000 Wind Crystals
 Gained 1,000 Shadow Crystals
Gained 1,000 Earth
Gained 1,000Hp
Gained 10,000 Crystals
Gained 120 Posion Crystals
Reached Poison
Reached Fear Dragon
Gained 1,000 Electric
Masterd Electric
Reached Wind Dragon
Masterd Ice
Masterd Fire
Spyro's Honor
Spyro Dragon
Spyro Dragon
Rank: Fury
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