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Tell me what you guys think of the New Dragon Clan Theme! http://tlos.forumotion.net/t70-spyro-s-forum-dragon-clan


Allied Clan ~ Matrix

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Spyro Dragon
Spyro Dragon

Dc Cynder ( Dragon clan)
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PostSubject: Allied Clan ~ Matrix Tue Jan 29, 2019 10:30 am

For those who didn't know already, on RTCW Back in the day my original IGN was Dr.pepper{24}Flaverd some calling me " Doc "// soon after mX Neo recruited me to join the mX clan, however as you can tell "' mX | Dr.pepper{24}flaverd" was too big, so I had to change my username, this was when I changed my nick name to something smaller which is when I became known as Spyro " 'mX|Spyro " and stayed with the nick name since, need to remind you this was around 2001-2003ish, then soon after I had a dream of a " Dragon " , I wanted to start my own clan. . . Heince " Spyro ▀█▀ Dragon " , Heince " Dragon Clan " , before " TLoS " was even released, which was why the clan website was re-themed to " The Legend of Spyro: DoTD " in 2008 due to a similar dragon I had a dream of being in it, and was themed this way for nearly 11 years because of it, and if it wasn't for relentless haters, it would probably still be themed that way.

See http://tlos.forumotion.net/t70-spyro-s-forum-dragon-clan

Mx Clan website = https://matrixonline.webs.com/clanmembers.htm

                               Spyro ▀█ █▀ Dragon

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Earth Spyro
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PostSubject: Re: Allied Clan ~ Matrix Tue Jan 29, 2019 5:11 pm

yeah I was the leader of mX clan in Return to Castle Wolfenstein, I recruited Spyro a long time ago and he's always been a good member and player when we needed to kick other clans asses lol.
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Allied Clan ~ Matrix
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